Episode #211 How To “Set-Up” Your Schedule To Do Real Estate Deals Consistently!

By | July 27, 2020

If your real estate career is like watching a car accident in slow motion, this podcast is for you! Or, it seems like each week passes and you never seem to find the time to get your “real estate investing chores” done? You know you have a mad desire to do real estate and get the paydays you have heard so much about, but you just can’t manipulate time the way you wish. It seems like something more important comes up, or worse you are too busy working your 9-5 job to get this real estate thing off the ground. Then there is family, spouses, kids, parents, and all of the other distractions along the way, right? And you are forced to think the only way to pull this real estate plan off is to work on your optimal efficiency in your work a day world. And you promise yourself on Sunday nights you are going to change this week, until Saturday when you come up for air and wonder where the week went? In this life saving podcast, I am going to go over about 20-ways you can manipulate your time and have extra each week after doing everything you wanted to do – without trouble or missing out on anything! So grab some paper and a pencil, and let’s get started …

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