Episode #334 How Does Today’s Inflation Affect Creative Real Estate Deal Victory?

By | December 19, 2022

Since COVID we have heard about broken or clogged supply chains, lack of raw materials, worker shortages, rising oil and gas prices, a war with Russia and Ukraine, increases with grocery cost, car cost, and even a shortage of diapers. Today, in this podcast, we are going to talk about how inflation works, and how it has impacted the housing market, along with creative real estate. Plus, we will chat about a lot about whether you should buy, or wait? Then, we will discuss how all of this will collide with rentals, or apartments. As creative real estate investors, we need to have a good predict of how inflation impacts the market, buying or selling. As with any financial decision, it’s important to keep your guard up for any, and all, economic risks. However, smart planning, like in this podcast, will keep you secure against any major risk, or economic fall-out. If you just follow along, you will soon see how plain and simple it can be. Plus, we will reveal the best investment to seek during these turbulent times. And how they work for you, not against you!

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