Episode #247​ Basics On How Real Estate Makes Money For Rookies?

By | April 5, 2021

Chances are you have a good idea with some of the ways real estate can make you wealthy, but I’ll bet there are some you haven’t thought of? Normally we talk about “buying” property, but in fact what most are really doing is buying with loans. Which means the bank “owns” the part of the property covered by the loan. What we actually do is control the title to the property, so when we sell the property, we are actually in control of the profits. The bank doesn’t have this control, you do! Which is why we talk about “controlling” the properties all of the time. Unless we are using all our own cash, we really aren’t “buying.” So how does real estate make money then? In this podcast you are going to be able to connect the dots and see multiple ways of profit basics, so you won’t be confused with all the different strategies out there that are too complex. We are going to break it down so even a 4-th grader can understand it. Then with this foundation you can now start building your structure called Real Estate Entrepreneurship!

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