Monthly Archives: August 2016

Episode #12 – Wholesale Dead – Now What?

In this episode Bill & Pete cover the Myth about how you should wholesale a property to make $5K, $10K or more. Many teach if you don’t have cash or credit this is how you get started (wholesaling). Bill & Pete actually talk about how these deals work and why it has become so difficult… Read More »

Episode #11 Five Laws of Making Deals

On this episode Bill & Pete cover some basic laws on deal making. Most don’t realize the most important part of the real estate business is talking to sellers and getting them to say yes. In this podcast Bill talks about some major point you need to do this. If you expect to receive chunks… Read More »

Episode #10 S.M.A.R.T Real Estate Investing

Ever wonder why some are so successful, and why others are not? Or, better yet, why you haven’t got what others have? This podcast breaks it down so you can accomplish your real estate goals and be successful like other investor’s who have done it. In other words: We are going to open the curtain… Read More »

Episode #9 Thinking VS Doing

In this episode Bill & Pete go over in detail the exact thing you need to cover when talking to a seller so they say “yes” when you are done. This is the core part of the business that many do not share. Only because it could get very complex. In this podcast Bill breaks… Read More »