Monthly Archives: April 2018

Episode #92 Don’t Make Real Estate Offers Naked

Do you feel if you had to make a real estate offer today you would be exposed; maybe really embarrassed? Or perhaps your batting average is not so good at closing deals? Possibly taking it a little further, you don’t feel like you have fundamentals down so you can think quick on your feet and… Read More »

Episode #91 Making the Real Estate Skeleton Dance…

Worried about not telling your seller the correct thing when making an offer? Or not making the correct offer? Maybe worse… Pay too much and get burned later because you made a bad deal? Are you confident in what to say when? Perhaps looking bad in front of your seller. Possible create a total embarrassment… Read More »

Episode #90 Battling the Real Estate Mofia. . .

Have you ever notices how hard it is to break into the real estate investing industry so you can make real and consistent money? Well you may not know this. . . but the real estate industry is actually an organized group using a controlling influence and actually extorting fees and information from us so… Read More »