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Welcome to Flipping Houses for Rookies!

Flipping Houses for Rookies is a podcast that focuses on all the important factors that you need to do to flip houses and get into the real estate investing business! You can listen to all of the podcasts below or to the right. You can also find them on iTunes (button to the right to subscribe!), Google Play, or any of the major podcasting services!

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Episode #251​ NEW DISCOVERY: The Jekyll & Hyde Effect Kills Creative Real Estate Investors – Revealed!

This one podcast could possibly get you more than you ever wanted from creative real estate than any other thing known to man kind! In fact, I would dare to say … if you are not equipped with what we are about to cover today, your traction for success will inevitably lengthen by LARGE margin. By crystallizing very clearly what we are about to cover, you will definitely maximize your potential, and achieve everything you want from your real estate activity. I would also go as far to say, it will improve any business who applies it! The discovery boils down to the two key roles that make things happen, but completely different from each other, and most investor’s don’t know this internal battle is going on, and, because of this “NOT-KNOW” are doing things backwards. Plus, until you are like Disney, Henry Ford, and Ray Croc with McDonald’s, you will stay small and struggle until you break-through this invisible barrier. So lets take this journey together, so we can discover what you prefer and embrace for success!

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Episode #250​ Why & How Being A Reluctant Creative Real Estate Buyer Excels A Rookies Education Immensely!

Any Rookie looking for quick creative real estate muscle to shorten up their run-way of education, so they can get quicker results, should listen to this very rare and unorthodox’ed podcast to stack the deck in their favor! This unusual strategy is like flipping the game board, and scattering the pieces all over the place. Then while picking up those pieces you have an oracle moment where the ray of light shines down upon you with extreme clarity so from that point forward you never stumble or struggle with playing the game ever again. I am talking … completely OFF THE CHARTS different. Mostly by shearly discovering some of the most basic and innocent seller rules, that when applied is like holding up a treat for an untrained dog … and saying: “come here Fido,” and he comes running! And today we are going to give you these skills, so you can do it tomorrow with ease. So strap your seat-belt on, and let’s take this ride together, and you too can start making deals the way the PRO’s do in the micro-time it takes most to learn how …

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Episode #249​ Multiple Ways To Find Creative Real Estate In An Impossible Market (that few are doing!)

There are so many people talking all across the great country of the United States, saying when you put a house on the market these days it sells in 10-minutes with multiple offers. Which totally means it is a classic “sellers-market.” By definition: Sellers have multiple choices, and any little wind blowing the wrong way, the seller says no, and moves on! Leaving many, many, many if not ALL investors to believe it is impossible to find deals. Never mind the gargantuan ones you used to hear about? Yet, if you are in the right “circles” (like Flipping Houses For Rookies), you hear about these monster deals happening. Possibly even wondering how? Or, what you can easily do to find and do no money down, no bank qualifying transactions for income. What if I told you they are right under your nose, in your immediate area? Would you believe me? In this million dollar podcast, I am going to tell you what to do to find them. And if you are relatively interested in turning real estate into income … you will listen more than once; and take lots of notes!!

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Episode #248 The Easiest Way Ever Invented For Rookies To Get Fast (& potential gargantuam) Profits!

Looking for a creative real estate SHORT-CUT? The “foot-notes” from a 20-year career and hundreds of deals done? So you can get right down to bidness and rake-in some chunks of dough to ward off the debt and start piling up the reserves, so you can live a little less stressful? Maybe you are completely irritated from chasing all the new ideas, and new “shinny” objects? Perhaps you are sick and tired of hearing about everyone else’s BIG checks and not getting your own similar results? Hell, possibly you are annoyed at paying those damn credit card bills from past real estate training during an attempt to create a new life-style from real estate income? Maybe you did a deal or two and now can’t get the income consistency from turning real estate into profit! Leaving you feel there are things missing, and you struggle to see it? Almost like something is wrong with you? Then this podcast is perfect for you. Today we will be covering some of the most basics that will circumvent all the frustration and reverse the money flow, so it starts coming to you, instead away from you. Now listen up, so I can back up my claims, and you start to BELIEVE …

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Episode #247​ Basics On How Real Estate Makes Money For Rookies?

Chances are you have a good idea with some of the ways real estate can make you wealthy, but I’ll bet there are some you haven’t thought of? Normally we talk about “buying” property, but in fact what most are really doing is buying with loans. Which means the bank “owns” the part of the property covered by the loan. What we actually do is control the title to the property, so when we sell the property, we are actually in control of the profits. The bank doesn’t have this control, you do! Which is why we talk about “controlling” the properties all of the time. Unless we are using all our own cash, we really aren’t “buying.” So how does real estate make money then? In this podcast you are going to be able to connect the dots and see multiple ways of profit basics, so you won’t be confused with all the different strategies out there that are too complex. We are going to break it down so even a 4-th grader can understand it. Then with this foundation you can now start building your structure called Real Estate Entrepreneurship!

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Episode #246 The Less I Think About My Creative Real Estate Deals – The MORE I make (and how you can too)!

OVER-THINKING: The demise of more real estate deals than most statistician’s can count. Why do you suppose this is? More to the point … why do we put so much confidence into thinking when trying to make decisions? And, if you believe I am backwards, or NUTS on this one point, or these questions … then this one single podcast is going to be cataclysmic for YOU! So what are the obstacles? And why do most creative Real Estate Entrepreneurs suck at it so bad to the point of where most fail!! Unless they get the mind-set we are about to cover in this episode. Being sarcastic for a moment … the procrastinator’s should probably listen to this “earth-shattering” podcast later! Only because they may see for the first time in their life, why they have been so wrong for all of the thought they put behind decisions; just so they feel safe! Which is exactly how I invest (safe). But today I am going to penetrate Bill’s forehead and let you see how I do deals without over-thinking and letting fear into the process. Now with this confidence you can comfortably move through a deal to completion without sleep-less nights and anxiety! Let’s listen …

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Episode 245 How To Mine Hot Pockets Of Creative Real Estate Gold With Extraordinary Profitable Results!

With the advent of cell phones in today’s world, it is way too easy to have another give you an address … you plug it into your phone and have GPS give you exact directions to hit your required location. What if I told you today we can do the same with finding “hot pockets” of creative real estate deals with extraordinary profits? Would you believe me, or would you be thinking the way our current market with houses selling over market value makes it extremely impossible to not only find the rainbow … but even more impossible to find the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow? I know many have told me this, over and over again. Except I have found my business and wealth has exploded while all these folks are complaining? Which makes me think of this point: “Your behavior of doing a deal is much more important than the actual deal behavior itself.” Think about that for a moment! In today’s podcast we are going to go over simple concepts that will act just like that GPS on your phone, so you can get exactly where you want and need to be financially & mentally. But beware … you could have some major shifts in thinking?

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Episode #244 New & Improved Secrets For Creative Real Estate Rookie Success!

As we all know, after 2020 things have changed, and in many cases – A LOT! Plus I have noticed too many students and coaching clients tell me it has gotten harder and harder to take down creative real estate deals we talk about podcast after podcast. Yet, me and my crew have actually have been taking down more deals, and monsters, lately. So I started introspecting what we are doing different from my students and coaching clients. And in this podcast I am going to give you the results of what I have found, and show you how to do it too – for bigger results then I get. But (and this is a BIG but), don’t have high expectations of some new amazing tool you can just push a button to make work, and have houses fall off the conveyor belt. No … it’s actually tweaks we have made with my simple 3-step system. Just adapted to today’s crazy world, with huge increase in results; more deals in other words. Plus, this entire podcast is designed to revitalize any investor who has feelings like he has been beating his head against the wall, with a bloody nose as the result. Let’s dig in …

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Episode #243​ Breakthrough & Common Reasons Sellers Don’t Do Deals With Rookies Effortlessly!

Creating a profitable real estate business is NOT all about the “correct” or “right” things to do, but also a lot has to do with the bad habits, or wrong actions you do, or don’t do? And often most Rookie Creative Real Estate Investors are not even aware they are doing, or not doing them. And the effects it leaves with sellers. Sometimes causing sellers to change their mind. Getting and making profitable responses from sellers could be complicated enough without these six-common reasons. Then you add these into the mix, and it is like running 40-times around the baseball diamond just to get one home run on the scoreboard. We are going to break it down in this podcast, so you can start to use, or not use the most breakthrough and common reasons sellers don’t do deals with Rookies. Once each is revealed to you, your mind will brighten up and quite possibly overcome your barriers to completely flourish & prosper using Creative Real Estate strategies on pretty houses for HUGE profits!

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Episode #242​ Why Rookies Grow Or Die With Finding & Making Real Estate Deals!

Truth is … in a year or two from now you could be worth 2.5 to 25 times what you are worth as you listen to me speak now? Or, you could be worth less, and have more debt? Believe it or not, the choice is yours. Not how much education you have or don’t have, your age, color, race, toothless, bald, fat, butt ugly, gay or straight, etc. None of this will affect your chance of future wealth and success in the Creative real Estate arena. If you fully understand, and apply the simple system we are about to reveal on this podcast … over the next year or two you could double, redouble, and double again your annual income and profits from real estate. Even if the economy slows down or recession threatens to devastate this amazing and beautiful country. And the approach isn’t “magical,” or impossible, even difficult to master! Done correctly this could seriously catapult your life past any imagined expectation. The Only barrier you have at this point is: NOT DOING IT, OR NOT DOING IT CORRECTLY! It’s been tested & proven enough now to know anyone could master it for like-kind results! Let’s see …

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