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Welcome to Flipping Houses for Rookies!

Flipping Houses for Rookies is a podcast that focuses on all the important factors that you need to do to flip houses and get into the real estate investing business! You can listen to all of the podcasts below or to the right. You can also find them on iTunes (button to the right to subscribe!), Google Play, or any of the major podcasting services!

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Episode 357 The Scariest Story In Creative Real Estate Deals Today!

And today’s tale we will not only cover the scariest story in Creative real estate deals today but we will show you the sources of these events that cause hesitation and fear with a lot of rookies. Along with moments of inspiration, courage, and triumph. In other words, this episode is not just a feel-good to listen to podcast. But instead it’s a support system for staying away from bad deals, and making mistakes. It’s time you know the truth about making a lot of money in Creative Real Estate, and not have hidden secrets anymore. We plan to lift the veil on the unknown and delve into the heart-pounding source that has sent shivers down the spines of investors for years now. You need to start navigating around these stories that make your blood run cold, and stare face-to-face at them to misstep the mistakes. “The Scariest Story And Creative Real Estate Deals Today!” is not for the faint of heart. It is a podcast for those seeking to challenge themselves, to push beyond their comfort zones, and confront any demons holding back gargantuan real estate deals in today’s world!

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Episode 356 Today’s Rookie Proven New Million Dollar Blueprint And Creative Real Estate!

Do million dollar real estate entrepreneurs actually think differently when doing deals? This podcast episode will challenge this one question so you can break free from any traditional thinking, or myths you might have collected along the way. Most don’t consider or actually explore how easy it would be until you break it down like we do in this simple conversation. Once you hear and see how you don’t really need a deep dive into theory, deal structuring, mindset, or capital to acquire a Million Dollar (Plus) portfolio, you will want to get started right after listening to this episode. The Insight you are about to gain is all you will need to jump start any portfolio size, even if it is zero. Whether you are a seasoned real estate entrepreneur, or a rookie, you will achieve what it takes to get a boost in your real estate portfolio quickly after spending the entire 60- minutes with us today. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace the formula that will give you all the confidence you need to getting a Million Dollar (Plus) portfolio soon. Let’s get started on transforming your wealth right now …

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Episode 355 Unique Ways To Avoid Not Paying Too Much For Creative Real Estate Properties!

In this single episode, we will cover some unique and unconventional ways to avoid overpaying for Creative Real Estate properties. This direct and easy conversation will include creative Finance options, such as seller financing, lease options, subject to, and how we structure them, so they are fair to the seller, the buyer, and us (the entrepreneur). In fact, being fair and equitable for all parties is a huge reason we do so good in the industry. But this podcast would not be complete if we did not talk about identifying how not to undervalue properties so you don’t lose good deals that will potentially help you retire early in life. Our real World experience and strategies have helped hundreds before you to make informed decisions and maximize the amount of safe deals you can profit now, monthly, and later. By the end of this episode you will have a greater understanding of the unique ways we use to avoid overpaying for our Creative Real Estate properties. Make sure to listen all the way to the end so you can transform your portfolio and your profits.

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Episode 354 The Art Of Negotiating How To Get Extraordinary Real Estate Profits Easily!

Attention Creative Real Estate Investors! Are you tired of settling for low, or average profits in your deals? Or, no deals? Look no further then this episode to change that. Today we will cover how you can Master the art of negotiating extraordinary profitable deals. What you will soon realize today is: Why settle for any ole deal when you are working? Why not hit a home run every time, so you can get gargantuan results, and work way less! Whether you are a seasoned investor looking to take your skills to the next level, or a rookie just starting out, “The Art Of Negotiating: How To Get Extraordinary Creative Real Estate Profits Easily! is a must listen. No more accepting average deals. Our real world experience will provide you with insights and tips you need to approach with confidence and achieve those extraordinary profits. You will soon see this single podcast advice will help you overcome the common obstacles in pitfalls that often derail 92% of all real estate entrepreneurs when negotiating deals. Listen now and start achieving the profits you deserve!

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Episode #353 ROI: How To Evaluate And Execute Creative Real Estate Deals For Gargantuan Profits!

ROI, or rate of return, is too often lost in the formulas, and negotiating with sellers. Mostly because our entrepreneurs are too worried about just getting the deal instead of making a good deal! And in this single episode, we will deep-dive into how you can use simple head-math formulas to make sure you end up on the side of gargantuan deals while the seller gets everything they want when selling. Plus, throughout this episode we will show you exact spots in every deal that are easy to implement (without anyone noticing), but give you extraordinary profits. And, can do, whether a season investor, or just starting out. You just need to know what we are about to reveal in this one podcast. All we planned to do with you today is help you explore (in your own mind) the potential way you can make way more money, doing less deals because of how these, until now, strategies that have not been revealed. And how it impacts your profitability, which will always govern how you live in the future. Don’t miss out on how to transform your profits today …

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Episode #352 Bad Deals vs Gargantuan Deals In Creator Real Estate!

Bad deals vs gargantuan deals in Creative Real Estate can make the entire difference in your hard-earned time results. In this single episode we are going to explore what makes a bad deal, and the warning signs to watch out for. You don’t want these costly mistakes that can set you back years in your career. So it is essential to understand how to identify and avoid them. These common pitfalls will only distract you from seeking and finding the gargantuan deals that  will make you rich & free! We will discuss what makes a gargantuan deal and how to spot them in any market going up or down.  Throughout this episode you will hear real live examples of both bad deals and gargantuan deals so you can easily understand the difference between the two. Plus, expect to hear some actionable advice on how to find or avoid these deals so you don’t get sucked into too many suspects that will eat your dreams of Creative Real Estate, eating you free for lunch. All right, let’s get started with sharpening your skills … 

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Episode #351 Top Problems For Rookies And Creative Real Estate With Today’s Economy!

The world of creative real estate investing can be overwhelming for rookies, particularly in the current economic climate. That’s why this episode is dedicated to addressing the top problems that rookies in Creative Real Estate are likely to face, Such as how to find good deals, how to evaluate them, and how to fund them. in this episode you will get 30+ years experience on how to spot the barriers, then how to handle them so you too can start doing some good deals and buy your freedom. By the end of this episode, all rookies in Creative Real Estate will have a better understanding of the top problems that hold 98% of all rookies back from success, and big paydays! Whether you’re just starting out in creative real estate investing, or looking to brush up on the latest trends and techniques; top problems for rookies in Creative Real Estate with today’s economy!  This is an episode you won’t want to miss so listen now … 


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Episode #350: Finding Creative Real Estate Deals And Today’s Economy!

The number one barrier most rookies think of when getting into creative real estate, is how they will find their deals. If this is happening to you, then this single podcast is going to “jump start” your ability to close deals quickly, and easily. Without using your own money, applying and getting bank loans, or even asking your seller to finance you if they don’t want to. Some of the strategies you will hear today are in-play post-covid-19 and work magically in today’s economy. More to the point … today’s ideas will come into play the higher interest rates climb. Just like in the “70’s” when rates were as high as 18 percent. So our plan today is to equip you with not one, but several approaches to finance your deals once you find them. What you will soon realize is the more choices you have in your back pocket to finance deals, the more relaxed you will be, and the more deals you will make. So let’s go over the possibilities for you to fund those creative deals, and become financially free!

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Episode #349 Secret New Generation Of Creative Real Estate Deals Revealed!

Every so many years, industries make major shifts, good or bad. And since its entry on the world, COVID-19 has dramatically torn up the script of how we transact real estate. If you want to understand how this new generation of Creative Real Estate transactions are successfully conducted, then I strongly advise you to listen to this entire episode … and take notes! The power of making good money in real estate lies in each entrepreneur’s foresight and ingenuity to take their destiny into their own hands and plan for a better future. And more …overcome any obstacles along the way. Why is it that during this turbulent time, real estate soared to a point that it crippled many, many real estate entrepreneurs? Today we will pull the curtain back and take a look backstage to see why this new world of real estate evolved organically, and sort of viral like. The “reset” has been so covert, that even the government is left scratching their heads. Let’s dig in and see why …

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Episode #348 Does Personality Really Affect Gargantuan Creative Real Estate Deals

Why is it that some creative real estate investors make WAY more money than others. Or, why are some multi-millionaires, where others are not? Kind of confusing, right? Is it resources? IQ? The way they learn? Perhaps who they learn from? You will be surprised to know, all of these could be, and likely are true. But the underlying truth is their personality. How they conduct themselves, why they think the way they do. How build and control their environments. The way they talk to Sellers and Buyers are all from their unique personality. But, today in this very special podcast we are going to reveal what these 7-common personality traits are, so you too can adapt them easily and start to become as s successful as these millionaires. And, as you listen, will realize how simple you can make little changes in your life to gain immediate success in Creative Real Estate, making more deals and getting that freedom you have yearned for. So sit back. Listen. Take notes. And enjoy …

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