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Welcome to Flipping Houses for Rookies!

Flipping Houses for Rookies is a podcast that focuses on all the important factors that you need to do to flip houses and get into the real estate investing business! You can listen to all of the podcasts below or to the right. You can also find them on iTunes (button to the right to subscribe!), Google Play, or any of the major podcasting services!

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Episode #263 Decreasing Creative Real Estate Risk By Using The Rookie S.M.A.R.T System!

Yes, you can have everything you want by doing creative real estate transactions in today’s world. I believe there is only one success: That is to be able to spend your life in your own way! Unfortunately, most have a life of one long obstacle course, with our student listeners being the chief obstacle. Always asking: “What’s stopping me?” What’s holding me down?” What are the obstacles or circumstances and handicaps that keep me from success?” And after doing a LOT of one-on-one FREE consults with students, I have found too many are focused on what they don’t have. Fighting a constant, exhausting battle to overcome their limitations. Never really winning because of their own attitudes about themselves, and/or their environment. Spending way too much time trying to climb over and break down barriers, which exists mostly in the student’s mind. And NONE of these are the path to success of being able to spend your life in your own way. This simple to apply podcast is NOT what other real estate Guuu Ruuu’s want you to know, only because it will KILL their large incomes. So grab a paper and pencil, and let’s start …

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Episode #262 Designing Your Creative Real Estate Business To Run Itself Easily & Profitably!

Why is your real estate business stuck? Maybe the solution is NOT the solution. We are too often taught that working hard, or workaholism is a better and more effective way, if you just focus you could be more productive and in return be more profitable. But this steals your dreams of being on a beach, or getting your life back. At best, being on a beach as a “workcation” juggling what work you didn’t do in advance. Truth is … these “time-hacks” are only justifications of your lack of systems that not only hurt you, but those around you too! In this podcast, Bill & Sean are going to take a deep dive on an unusual concept of limiting your time, so you can do more, and while playing it safe & profitable. You many not know this, but you might be stuck in a never ending “survival-trap,” and don’t know how to get away from the merry-go-round. If you want to throw away your trashy day-to-day life habits, then this episode is going to be that ray of light that will separate the skies and shine down onto you, so you can actually do what is most important to you from this point on!

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Episode #261 Things You Can Do Today To Start An Extraordinary Creative Real Estate Career!

Turning ideas into action! Napoleon Hill in Think And Grow Rich said: “Thoughts are things.” The human mind is an amazing tool. Not a day goes by that our minds aren’t filled with thoughts and ideas. But (and it’s a BIG but), how many of these ideas & thoughts get dismissed daily? So, I beg you to ask yourself … how creative are you at applying an idea to life? Will this idea stay long enough with you, and clear enough, for you to take action? In this podcast, we will be talking about focused actions you can take today, so you can become more useful and powerful as a Creative Real Estate Entrepreneur. Truth is, a BIG idea can command attention, but it takes a big promise to fuel a movement or fortune from creative real estate activity. The source of power is in proportion to the greatest number of good, to the greatest number involved. In short, what can you do today to take this idea of steady real estate income from an idea, to having result from clear and defined action that most attempt to do. But instead make excuses and justify why they haven’t done it!

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Episode #260 A Pro’s Secrets On Creative Real Estate Deal Hunting Gargantuan Deals!

So why do some Real Estate Entrepreneurs do so well, and others really struggle? Better yet … how do you fit your real estate activities to fit your life, instead of changing your life to fit real estate into it? After all: isn’t one of the objectives for creative real estate income to have flexibility? Free time, debt paid, build retirement, help family, maybe even give to charity? But it seems so many work so hard, yet never fully hit this stage of freedom of life. Ever wonder why? More to the point … why is it such a secret to actually set this up? And get results you so desire; and have seen others do. What are you doing, or NOT doing, that you don’t have this freedom and financial flexibility? In this podcast, you will hear how Bill & Pete get sellers to call them, then picking and choosing who gets their time and focus to do deals with. Also, how they make their business fit their life-style, so they can do what they want to do, and when. This candid talk will probably NOT be what others are telling you, or … NOT sharing with you. This quite frankly be the most amazing thing you will hear in real estate …

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Episode #259 Owner Financing From Sellers, Turning Houses Into ATM Machines & Retirement Plans!

Here is an important fact … you will NEVER become wealthy with real estate! It’s the loans attached to the real estate that makes the biggest millionaire. The largest question you should pose to yourself … is how can I become the bank and make the final decision on whom I loan money to, and who I don’t? Doing this one thing will gain you more life-style flexibility than any other thing known on planet earth. And if you have one little fleeing thought, or curiosity you would like to be financially FREE without debt, big retirement, and a stressless income, this podcast is going to hit home for you! Here, Bill & Pete will show you how getting Seller Financing Deals is like creating your own bank with lots of dough to lend your buyers. Plus, how it can set you up for life just by doing a few of these deals per year. This is NOT a podcast to teach you all the nuts & bolts. But instead, what is Owner Financing, it’s benefits, and why your Sellers plus Buyers would do these deals? But before we start, realize simplicity lasts the longest, and makes the most money!

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Episode #258 Rehab Then Retail (known as flipping) Deal With Some Wholesaling In There – Fully Summarized!

Even though flipping houses truly means buying and selling real estate for profit. In today’s language, “flipping houses” has a slang meaning of: buying ugly houses … rehabbing them, then, sell them as pretty houses. And, if you listen to most of our podcasts will soon learn flipping pretty houses is much easier, and most often WAY more profitable! But today’s podcast is going to be about those UGLY houses turned pretty by us crazy people whom enjoy the agony of all the hard work involved in this so popular strategy!! Although we plan to drop some very tested & proven secrets learned from hard-earned experience, I don’t plan to teach you this whole deal strategy in one podcast. But instead plan to explain what it is, it’s benefits, plus, why you and the Seller would do this transaction. Even though many have become millionaires by buying the ugliest house in the prettiest neighborhood, then fixing them up as the added value. There are basic formulas most don’t know about. And until learned will cost even the dudes with all the dough a fortune. And if you don’t have warehouses of Benjamin’s ($100 bills), you can’t afford those mistakes. So note pad yourself up, and let’s dig in …

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Episode #266 Getting Subject-To The Sellers Underlying Mortgage Deals – Fully Summarized!

Imagine getting bank loans without EVER filling out an application. And in most cases NEVER using a down-payment. Think this is impossible? Just ask a banker: They will say definitely YES! But ask a professional Creative Real Estate Investor … and they will say … those are my favorite deals! In fact, the hidden secret in these transactions are how most politicians do their private deals. And once learned, could be worth millions to you. And be the core strategy for your future wealth. All while acquiring the properties that even a street bum rattling a cup full of change can afford. This podcast in NOT designed to teach you how to do this strategy (we have other extensive training for that, so you do it correctly). But more what is it, it’s benefits, and why you and the Seller do this transaction. This way you can go from being “subject-to” awkward, to becoming completely confident when thinking about, or talking about this type of transaction. Especially when others say you can’t do it because of a “Due-On-Sale” clause with underlying loans. But I am getting ahead of myself, lets dive in and get it all …

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Episode #256 The Golden Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs In Creative Real Estate – Lease Options – Summarized!

So many folks have the dream to replace their current income with real estate, if only to take their life back. Possibly spend more precious moments with family, charities, even loved hobbies. They get introduced to others who have used this safe and high returning asset called real estate. Then decide this is perfect for the type of life-style they dream of. Then, “jump-In,” to only get wicked confused on which strategy best fits their resources, time, education, and most of all passion. This, often, single confusion sends most into a “tail-spin” and ends up without results. Causing upset within their own minds, and not to mention those around the person trying to hit this goal of constant reliable income with few set-backs. Fret no-more! This easy to absorb, healthy information podcast will be the exact compass to get you out of the deep dark forest. Listen up while Bill & Pete share their knowledge and stories on using Lease-Options to set you free once and for all, without capital, risk, and/or a Yale or Harvard 6-year degree. Lets “dig-in” right now …

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Episode #255 Biggest Secret (in plain site) In Real Estate Land – Options – Fully Summarized!

There you are lying in bed, wide awake at night, 3PM and can’t sleep. So you turn on the TV, and there is Carlton Sheets with all of his testimonials selling his real estate course. Then you go to work the next day. At lunch, you are reading your favorite magazine and see Robert Allen’s ad on how to buy real estate “with no money down.” And if you were around back then, when this was happening, thought … this is B.S.! You can’t buy real estate without money? That is impossible, but wait, is it? Nowadays, the saying “buy real estate without money” is completely OVER-RUN! And these weapons of influence no longer represent the riches veins of information. But instead fall on deaf ears. But today … I plan to show you exactly how these genus pioneers brought this idea of buying real estate without money to light. To a point that you will fully understand it, and have a very compelling chance you will want to implement this RISK-FREE *all benefit* strategy to line your pocketbook quickly and extremely effortlessly. More to the point, this one podcast is the pinnacle of ALL creative real estate. Understand this, and ALL the rest will align in your mind positively!

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Episode #254 SLOT (Sandwich Lease Option Transfer) Transactions Fully Summarized!

Who wins the fight when getting real estate sellers to sign a purchase and sales contract, or a real estate option to buy agreement? In this single podcast you will see (clearly, in your own mind) why wholesaling is completely dead! Why option agreement are real estate entrepreneur’s best friend. Why you would do SLOT deals. And the major benefits it brings to the seller, the buyer, and to you … the entrepreneur! I know this is podcast #254, but really should be #1. The reason why is because this podcast is the first in a sequence of seven. I have just recently done a survey to find it is needed and wanted I do short summaries of each of our 7-strategies to acquire real estate creatively, without capital, risk, and a long Long LONG educational runway. In other words: a short-cut to success as a real estate entrepreneur. So lets say the next seven podcasts are going to be your “prerequisite” to making real estate investing work for you? Without all of the hard work and expense. More to the point … footnotes from my 20-years experience and hundreds of deal transactions!

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