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Flipping Houses for Rookies is a podcast that focuses on all the important factors that you need to do to flip houses and get into the real estate investing business! You can listen to all of the podcasts below or to the right. You can also find them on iTunes (button to the right to subscribe!), Google Play, or any of the major podcasting services!

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Episode #384 Smart Contract Terminology For Creative Real Estate Transactions!

Secrets unlocked! This is not just another podcast episode to entertain you, but instead it’s going to be your new gateway into a very prosperous future of buying and selling creative real estate deals. What most don’t know … is how much more money and wealth you can make with smart real estate contracts that have amazing sentences in them, and acts like an ATM machine for the real estate entrepreneur. Truth is, creative real estate is not about the property, but about the documents that control the property. Do as we suggest in today’s episode and you will soon find yourself doing less deals, and exceeding your financial goals because you have “Smart Contracts” doing the heavy lifting work for you. And I’m not talking about a bunch of lawyer talk either. Just everyday common speak that is correctly stated, and correctly placed in a contract that makes you a fortune, if you do it. So if you are ready to hear something you have never heard in real estate before … tune in now!

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Episode 383 How Do You Safely Go From A Job To Creative Estate Constant Income In Today’s Economy …

Imagine if there was a very simple, yet workable blueprints that could take you from your J.O.B (Just Over Broke) to Creative Real Estate without taking risks, especially with the way the economy is today? Particularly if you don’t have a pile of cash, or a credit score without a colorful past, or any kind of Real Estate experience. Instead, we will reveal to you how so many before you have not only replaced their income, but built wealth along the way. And I am talking about everyday people like you that didn’t take the plunge into real estate to get started. Even better than all of this, we have tested and proven resources that will cut your success down to about 30-days if you honestly follow along and do it. This doesn’t mean you study for 30-days, NO, I am talking about having a chunk-of-dough in Hip National Bank (your pocket) in 30-days, so make sure you listen now so you too can started the journey from a J.O.B to create a real estate without risk in today’s economy …

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Episode #382 Emerging Real Estate Market Trends with Creative Real Estate in Today’s Economy

Join us today as we take the thrilling ride through today’s ups & downs and real estate trends. With the world going digital, looking for warmer climates, interest rates climbing, and a supposed housing shortage it makes Creative Real Estate Investors feel like it is getting harder and harder to find and do deals. Then to put the icing on the cake, there seems to be 10 – 20 times the amount of investors looking for the same property you are. In this episode we will talk about all of these new trends, why they are there, then what to do to overcome them so you can flourish and prosper in months and years to come. So if you are looking to overcome these obstacles, this single episode is for you. Not only to know how to “out – create” all the barriers, but to fully understand them so you can make the calculated decisions you will need to build your wealth quickly! If you are ready to scoop up this info today, then start listening right now …

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Episode #381 What Would Happen To Creative Real Estate If The Realtor Vanished Today?

Weird question, right? But think about it, what would Creative Real Estate look like if the realtor system severely, or catastrophically changed today? In this thought – provoking episode we are going to delve into a hypothetical yet intriguing scenario that could possibly happen sooner than most would think! Which means this is not a speculative Journey but a total game changer for Creative Real Estate entrepreneurs. Imagine a world where buying and selling a house was done without Realtors. In today’s fireside chat we will explore how transactions are done this way, and why it might happen sooner than you could fantasize about. Plus we will investigate if the realtor system helps sellers or not in today’s techie world of finding buyers and sellers. Then asking: Without a Realtor’s advice, could things get messy, or not? So the debate today is whether or not you and Creative Real Estate entrepreneurs can replace or take over the realtor’s role? And, you will soon hear, ii is not as hypothetical as you think. so tune in now to hear it all …

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Episode #380 How To Increase Your Creative Real Estate Deals Quickly In Today’s Economy!

As the economic landscape of Creative Real Estate shifts beneath our feet, we all start to wonder how we can not only survive, but flourish and prosper. And we all hesitate to pivot when we need to. Often waiting too long, then having to catch up. Of course, losing profits along the way. These challenges not only affect the Rookie on what to learn today, but also the pro wondering if he or she is doing the most current deal structures for himself, the seller, and the buyer. Having those best strategies that could turn the tables, regardless of your experience. We are talking about doing real estate that could make the difference between doing what you are doing now, and comfortably retiring. So if you are ready to explore some possibilities that today’s Creative Real Estate holds for you, this is your moment. The next chapter of your life’s story could be the most exciting yet. And it all starts by listening today. So grab your favorite beverage, and let’s get started …

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Episode #379 Rookie Creative Real Estate Breakthrough On Giving Sellers Extraordinary Value!

Is there actually a secret on catapulting any real estate sellers piqued interest while building extraordinary value so they do the deal with you? I’m talking about an opportunity that ignites desire. Instantly. How do you get the seller to stop and think differently while assessing the true worth of what you can do for them? And I am not talking about the average rundown of sales speak either. What I am talking about is true core value building that sellers can’t resist. So if you are ready to be treated to some of the most hidden underground Creative Real Estate secrets for making gargantuan deals, and thinking outside the box that lead to remarkable outcome … this is a must listen to for your Creative Real Estate tool belt. Why not start generating extraordinary opportunities by listening to our human insights that transform most rookies into pro. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your approach to real estate and making a lasting impact to your sellers.

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Episode #378 Creative Real Estate Rules For Rookies Revealed Today!

Have you ever felt like there is a secret rule book that the top Pros have, but don’t really share it, leaving everyone else behind? Imagine actually getting your hands on this coveted playbook, to give you a gargantuan leap and skipping the beginner stage in creative real estate. No one has organized the simple rules and put them in one spot to date. Just join us today and dive deep into the coolest industry on planet Earth … create a real estate. So if you are curious how the pros think about their deals, and why they are so successful, we have you covered. Get ready to unlock some of the simplest strategies to make you rich. Once you unveil these everyday concepts, you will not be on the outside looking in any longer. If you are ready to transform your financial future quicker than you think, listen to what is uncovered today. Why not choose the shortest path of resistance? This is the single best game changer that could work for you easier than you think. just push play and absorb it all.

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Episode #377 I Got A Creative Real Estate Deal.. Now What Do I Do?

Imagine this: you’ve just landed an incredible once-in-a-lifetime Creative Real Estate deal. The kind that season Pro’s whisper about in confidence. Your adrenaline is pumping, the contract is signed, and then … panic sets in. What on earth do I do next? In this episode, we will dive into the Maze of getting this deal sold so you can collect your big phat profit checks. It can seem like a journey filled with twists and turns, where every decision can make or break the deal. But here is the interesting thing, today we will explore real life scenarios of a deal just like what you may have. How it should unfold. What pitfalls lurk in the shadows and the uncharted waters you haven’t traveled yet, and worry about, until now! This single episode will reveal the lesser-known, or spoken about, facets of Creative Real estate. Selling creative real estate deals for gargantuan profits. So join us today as we uncover the secrets, pitfalls, and triumphs of the backside of creative deals. The path might be windy, but the insights are priceless!

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Episode #376 How To Talk To Creative Real Estate Sellers Properly …

How do you reach out to strangers and get trust, and engaging conversation that ends up with you owning or controlling a house that this stranger owns? Sounds like magic right? Picture this, you strike up a conversation with a stranger, and by the end, they are practically handing you keys to a house. Sound like a fairy tale? In this single episode, we will unravel the enchanting journey of how a genuine connection and the right words can open doors you never imagined. Discover what we do to get our deals that sounds like casual talk. But actually delves into the seller’s life and finds out what they need and want so we can then deliver what the seller yearns for. And make a deal. These practical insights will transform your interactions into tangible results if you follow what we are about to reveal. If you have ever wondered how Legend deals are made, this podcast episode is your gateway into that world of easily making deals. So grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let’s pull the curtain back on this captivating journey together so you can have the power to change your real estate destiny …

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Episode #375 How To Convert More Deals Easily In Today’s Economy

In today’s Dynamic real estate market, the ability to convert deals efficiently is heavily intertwined with understanding the human traits behind each deal structure. The key to unlocking more creative and lucrative deals lies in delving deep into the human psyche, exploring the motivations, desires, and needs that drive individuals in their real estate sale. The secrets May reside in the seller’s most common habits. and until now, no one has studied these traits, and actually listed them by deal structure type. it has been discovered by just knowing these listed human behaviors that sellers very often feel like you understand them, and they tend to want to deal with you. and we all know real estate is more than houses in contracts, and more about forming friendships and working together. in a world where everyone seems to be doing the same thing, this helps you stand out from the crowd. but I understand what makes sellers tick, you may discover a new Secret Sauce in getting deals. so push play now, and let’s create your own personal secret recipe to doing more deals..

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