Episode #240 Rookies Dictionary For Creative Real Estate Terms Most Need & Want. Part #3

By | February 15, 2021

In this highly talked about, and underachieved industry we call Creative Real Estate Investing, the most highly kept secret is: Words and phrases can set you FREE! As far as I am concerned … the ONLY way to grow into total freedom is when you can work once, and get paid multiple times. And real estate is one of the few careers that can give you that. The only draw-back is understanding how to do it without a long runway or Yale six-year degree! When in-fact your limited to succeeding with real estate investing falls into your ability to read and speak accurately, flawlessly, and with complete fluency using Creative Real Estate talk. All too often investors learn these important terms and dialect by listening in seminars, or videos and going past misunderstandings to only make up their own definitions by the way the words are used in a sentence. Allowing those mis-interpretation to sneak in and add to the time and money when first learning. This episode, along with #239 & #239 will give you the quantum leap you have desired for a log time. So study these three podcast well!

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