Episode #244 New & Improved Secrets For Creative Real Estate Rookie Success!

By | March 15, 2021

As we all know, after 2020 things have changed, and in many cases – A LOT! Plus I have noticed too many students and coaching clients tell me it has gotten harder and harder to take down creative real estate deals we talk about podcast after podcast. Yet, me and my crew have actually have been taking down more deals, and monsters, lately. So I started introspecting what we are doing different from my students and coaching clients. And in this podcast I am going to give you the results of what I have found, and show you how to do it too – for bigger results then I get. But (and this is a BIG but), don’t have high expectations of some new amazing tool you can just push a button to make work, and have houses fall off the conveyor belt. No … it’s actually tweaks we have made with my simple 3-step system. Just adapted to today’s crazy world, with huge increase in results; more deals in other words. Plus, this entire podcast is designed to revitalize any investor who has feelings like he has been beating his head against the wall, with a bloody nose as the result. Let’s dig in …

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