Episode #249​ Multiple Ways To Find Creative Real Estate In An Impossible Market (that few are doing!)

By | April 19, 2021

There are so many people talking all across the great country of the United States, saying when you put a house on the market these days it sells in 10-minutes with multiple offers. Which totally means it is a classic “sellers-market.” By definition: Sellers have multiple choices, and any little wind blowing the wrong way, the seller says no, and moves on! Leaving many, many, many if not ALL investors to believe it is impossible to find deals. Never mind the gargantuan ones you used to hear about? Yet, if you are in the right “circles” (like Flipping Houses For Rookies), you hear about these monster deals happening. Possibly even wondering how? Or, what you can easily do to find and do no money down, no bank qualifying transactions for income. What if I told you they are right under your nose, in your immediate area? Would you believe me? In this million dollar podcast, I am going to tell you what to do to find them. And if you are relatively interested in turning real estate into income … you will listen more than once; and take lots of notes!!

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