Episode #259 Owner Financing From Sellers, Turning Houses Into ATM Machines & Retirement Plans!

By | June 29, 2021

Here is an important fact … you will NEVER become wealthy with real estate! It’s the loans attached to the real estate that makes the biggest millionaire. The largest question you should pose to yourself … is how can I become the bank and make the final decision on whom I loan money to, and who I don’t? Doing this one thing will gain you more life-style flexibility than any other thing known on planet earth. And if you have one little fleeing thought, or curiosity you would like to be financially FREE without debt, big retirement, and a stressless income, this podcast is going to hit home for you! Here, Bill & Pete will show you how getting Seller Financing Deals is like creating your own bank with lots of dough to lend your buyers. Plus, how it can set you up for life just by doing a few of these deals per year. This is NOT a podcast to teach you all the nuts & bolts. But instead, what is Owner Financing, it’s benefits, and why your Sellers plus Buyers would do these deals? But before we start, realize simplicity lasts the longest, and makes the most money!

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