Episode #266 Getting Subject-To The Sellers Underlying Mortgage Deals – Fully Summarized!

By | June 14, 2021

Imagine getting bank loans without EVER filling out an application. And in most cases NEVER using a down-payment. Think this is impossible? Just ask a banker: They will say definitely YES! But ask a professional Creative Real Estate Investor … and they will say … those are my favorite deals! In fact, the hidden secret in these transactions are how most politicians do their private deals. And once learned, could be worth millions to you. And be the core strategy for your future wealth. All while acquiring the properties that even a street bum rattling a cup full of change can afford. This podcast in NOT designed to teach you how to do this strategy (we have other extensive training for that, so you do it correctly). But more what is it, it’s benefits, and why you and the Seller do this transaction. This way you can go from being “subject-to” awkward, to becoming completely confident when thinking about, or talking about this type of transaction. Especially when others say you can’t do it because of a “Due-On-Sale” clause with underlying loans. But I am getting ahead of myself, lets dive in and get it all …

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