Episode #147 Suspects Can Be Cruel!

By | May 6, 2019

The most important (and most little known) secret with real investors is knowing whether or not your seller is motivated! In other words, the only time you should go look at property, evaluate repairs, comp it, or spend more than 5 minutes on it… is when the seller has proven and earned your time and expertise to help them. And if the seller can’t do this, well… you ‘whack ’em’. And if you don’t – your the fool working for nothing but acceptance from your seller. The biggest – and most common mistake almost every real estate investors make is dealing with fake sellers or not motivated time vampire, dream stealing suspects! So in this podcast we are going to reveal why ‘the jury is no longer out’ on this common belief that every real estate seller is for us, and the ‘dead giveaways’ which all top notch investors know they they do lots of deals – and never burn out! So let’s dig into some of the fastest known ways to deal with these blood sucking critters ..

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