Episode #148 15-Costly Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make …

By | May 13, 2019

When you think ‘real estate investing’, do you feel there are mental blocks stopping or slowing you down? Maybe you feel that only others can make bundles of income and you are not cut out for it? Perhaps you think there is a treacherous side of the business that may eat up all your chase and ruin your like if you make a mistake. In todays ‘cutthroat’ environment you need to start on your toes or you won’t make it! Then out of the blue someone like Bill and Pete the Rookie come along and so amazing things like we are about to do in this podcast. And pull back the curtain and reveal some underlying reasons why you are so nervous. And once we shed light to these common mistakes, the pain and suffering will go away. An most important of all, these were discovered in case after case and have been proven by thousands before you. Sound impossible? Not at all, just listen to this episode and see how simple it could be!

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