Episode #150 Sneaky Undeniable Psychology Hidden From Investors

By | May 27, 2019

After reading many, many, many books… I discovered a secret ‘play book’ that unlocked some of the most powerful mind weapons and success principles to conquer any dream you may hold. Sound impossible? Without a doubt, this podcast interview with the famous author Ben Settle will explain and demonstrate how to be the most influential person in any room because you have money, fame, power, respect, influence, and knowledge denied by those around you. This logical discussion will cover things like only bow at the altar of you mission, how to nix neediness, why you pay yourself first, keeping a ‘screw you’ fund, exactly why you should shove people off their pedestals, ignore the sheep, and so much more. This one episode could possibly reshape your mind so much, you will find your inner super hero once and for all, and start using your very own powers!

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