Episode #152 How Much Do I Sell For?

By | June 10, 2019

Is it possible you have a conceptual blind spot holding you back by simply not knowing how much to sell your property for one you buy it? Are you worried that once you buy a property and have your name all over it… it won’t be worth what you paid for it? Perhaps, the ingle biggest barrier after worrying about how to pay for a property is how much it is worth after you buy it. Truth is, you can read, watch videos, listen to podcasts, etc all you want … but if you don’t know how much to sell for – you’re dead! Without a doubt this time little bullet could sink the Titanic. So we need to resolve this conflict as soon as possible so you can get the show on the road and fill your pockets. In today’s podcast we are going to give you some solid grounded, tested and proven ways to stay safe and keep your profits high when begin extremely good deals! Let’s get started …

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