Episode #200 Unusually The Exact Opposite Of Flaky And Lazy …

By | May 11, 2020

Question: How do you get real estate profits when your back’s to the wall, your bank account’s over drawn and your about to be evicted tomorrow? In this podcast is all about the unusually hustle you would so if you were broke and about to lose everything. This is definitely “nuclear option” type information for when you gave to hustle for new business just to make the rent or eat. And it may bot apply to everyone’s situation, but it’s a good operation bases and not a perfect tool to grab at any given moment for turning real estate into income easily. Some fearful folks may think your back is against the wall you do what’s needed and wanted without question. When really all you need is to get swamped with new people whom have real estate to unload. Tell them what you do (buy houses), ask them what they need and want, then present and produce it. Next thing you know the rent is paid, and the coffers are full of dough. It’s not hard to do … but very specific with sequence and implementation to get it correct. So let’s dig in and help you out.

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