Episode #226: Advanced Creative Real Estate Financing Without Money!!

By | November 9, 2020

So many novice and new investors actually think money is the name of the game when it comes to real estate and wealth. Truth is … if you think you need a lot of money to buy and control huge real estate profits – FORGET IT!! In fact, if you are flat broke with a colorful past shown on a credit report, or afraid of your own shadow when it comes to money, this podcast is just what the wallet doctor ordered. And … you don’t have to wait, work on a long-drawn Yale or Harvard education. I would venture to say (from my own observation) that most of my best and most successful students were low “C” or “D” students in high school. In other words: study and teacher nightmares. If you truly desire very well paid rewards for being a “dumb-ass” like me by simply getting into action … then hang on to every little syllable in this episode. And you will come out the other side smelling like the richest person in your family! Make sure you listen a few times to get it all in and understood, OK?

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