Episode #234 12-Ways For Rookies To Convince Sellers To Do Creative Deals Easily!

By | January 4, 2021

NO LIE … being exceptionally good at talking to sellers about pretty house creative deal structuring can make a world of difference with your success! But what do you do until you become exceptionally good? Do you use the latest manipulate tricks taught by many out there … and hope you figure it out as you see deal after deal pass you by while making these “learning-curve” mistakes? Or, do you take the short-cuts and natural process that we will reveal in this podcast? Real estate is one of the oldest industries on planet earth. Others before us have made their millions (or billions). So it would make sense we DO NOT need to reinvent the wheel. But instead we should perhaps study what was successful through the centuries. To know how to help sellers make decisions using harmony and not manipulation or tricks, so you get deals done. Listen to this podcast to get an enormous advantage over 98% of all other investors out there. If, of course, you apply it!

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