Episode #235 Additional 12-Ways For Rookies To Convince Sellers To Do Creative Deals Easily!

By | January 11, 2021

Creative real estate investing includes a wide range of acquisitions most don’t even know exist. But have been used for hundreds of years. The odd part is the newest way we do rel estate transactions with Realtors has only been around since 1949 (when the Realtor Association formed). Yet this new party has attacked our old and traditional way of doing real estate transactions by calling them “alternative real estate.” This leaving a wide range of extraordinary solutions closed off to some sellers that would jump at the opportunity to get higher sales prices, and pay less closing costs. Which in-turn makes the seller more money. Unfortunately talking to sellers who know nothing of these solutions is like talking to a drug addict. They actually believe it is best for them. Which is why we are doing part #2 of convincing sellers to do creative real estate deals. The words you use in this line of work could keep you poor, or make you millions. So grab some paper and a pencil and let’s dig into what has made more Millionaires than anything else on planet earth for hundreds of years. And now you can have it too …

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