Episode #237 8-Dependable Ways For Rookies To Find Creative real Estate Deals Indisputably!

By | January 25, 2021

Are you finding enough “flexible” sellers, or do you find it difficult and almost impossible to even get up to making offers to hard sellers? Maybe you think you need to spend a lot of money, time, or resources to find these needles in a haystack? Perhaps your plan didn’t include having to spend so much time talking to suspect sellers? Well, I have bad news … finding leads to make offers to is the primary piece of successful creative real estate investing business. So maybe you need to know a few “short-cuts,” or ways to stream-line getting to the prospects who want to hear them instead of making you feel like a fool for asking! This podcast is set up to help investors with any budget, even none. The investors whom get the biggest and highest paychecks are the ones whom master what you are about to hear. So if you are trying to change your life through real estate income, then this podcast is a must for your bag of tools. So, sit back, listen, absorb, then apply … and you will soon get your life back!!

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