Episode #253 How To Use Your Real Estate Sellers Motivation To Close Deals Genuinely!

By | May 17, 2021

In episode #251​ we uncovered the two main roles that make a successful creative real estate business (or for that fact – any business). And how 97% of all real estate investors don’t do these roles, or blindly do them backwards. Which is like shooting yourself in the foot every 5-minutes. Because of my quest to change the real estate investing industry single-handedly, I am determined to STOP the ramped confusion generated from the lack of operating procedures. So my mission to plow a path, and the most successful journey for real estate success, which is why I keep coming up with these little discoveries like the Jekyll & Hide syndrome. In this part 2 series I plan to clearly isolate the exact duties these two main roles must have to feed off each other. And why it is the only way to expand, or create consistent income from real estate. And if you don’t have it, or do it, will crash the whole endeavor every time! GUARANTEED! So let’s close the door today for all on the incorrect technology floating around in your mind on this subject!

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