Episode #283 Lazy Creative Real Estate Skills Gets More Deals Guaranteed Every Time!

By | December 27, 2021

LAZY: Unwilling to work, or use energy. This perfectly describes my attitude toward my creative real estate deals these days. And, you know what I noticed … I am doing more deals, and, I have tripled my income since I started this frame of mind, and not working so hard. In this quirky podcast, we plan to reveal why creative real estate investors work so hard, and get less results. Not only that, but I decided to STOP trying to second guess my Seller’s intention, over-think the deals, and even legally get these Sellers to give me their acceptable offers without them even knowing it! In fact, it is working so good, I figured I should share this sitting under an oak tree, smoking a cigar while making more money type of activity with you today. But … beware, it’s not for everyone, more to the point, even dangerous for some. Which is why I deliberated even telling all my podcast listeners about it. So, no support tickets at fliipinghousesforrookies.com with a noose around your neck crying for help. Let’s jump in …

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