Episode #285 Never Revealed Before: Shocking & Exciting Truth About Creative Real Estate Procrastination!

By | January 10, 2022

The sad truth is that most people spend a majority, if not the entirety, of their lives putting off things that matter most, even more important, in real estate, procrastination will ruin your life and limit your potential, only because procrastination stops you from achieving goals. You miss the continuous uptick in confidence that comes from making progress. And, as we will talk about in this podcast … confidence is a belief in your ability, which results in using your imagination, so you can conceptualize and achieve your goals. So procrastination is like a wooden stake in the vampire’s heart when it comes to imagining, and working on your future. It makes the future YOU upset with the past YOU. Then you just stop believing, and other than your mom, who will believe in you, more than you? Your future is your prosperity. And how you deal with today has a lot to do with your ability to have freedom later. So today I want to talk about the shocking and exciting truth about procrastination, along with applying it to your creative real estate success, so you can buy your life back!

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