Episode #291 Legitimate Rookie Rewards Of Subject To Deals That Create A Gargantuan Retirement Quickly!

By | February 22, 2022

Ever wonder how many houses you need to acquire, so you can retire with a gargantuan income? Even better: How long, how hard, and how much do you need to know, so you can actually do this quickly, without spending a life-time getting it done. Being broke sucks, so you have a choice: Do what we are about to show you, or die broke! Money Now is like an orgasm, it feels good, but doesn’t last. Money Monthly buys you some freedom. And, Money Later is retirement and legacy stuff. But, what we don’t talk about enough is how you can do less of these deals to hit this state. As the old saying goes: “It’s not how much you make, but instead how much you keep.” So today we are going to show you how many deals you need to retire handsomely. And how to do it quickly because of the way we structure the deals, so you don’t give away too much profit that will force you to keep working. And, it’s all right under your nose, extremely obvious, you just haven’t looked at it this way ever before. But, I promise, once you do, it will motivate you to start doing it all today. Now let’s get started …

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