Episode #292 Part 2 – Rookie Rewards Od Subject To Deals!

By | February 28, 2022

In podcast #291” “Legitimate Rewards Of Subject-To Deals That Create A Gargantuan Retirement Quickly” … we covered in details how any Rookie can go from being dead broke, to a millionaire quickly. It is actually incredible when you break down the math, how simple it is. But, then towards the end of that podcast, we started to dig into how making the money is only half the battle, the harder thing to do is to keep all the profits. Especially from the tax man. This is most important for anyone doing real estate deals, only because too many of us focus on finding deals, negotiating, buying, renovating, then selling, that we get blinded by the “fall through the cracks” money that in most cases is WAY more than the actual profits in any deal. Money Now, Money Monthly, and Money Later is just the starting gate for our financial freedom race. So you are going to want to know what we have to say today, so you can hear all of these very “un-known” strategies to make your goals 10X quicker than you think!

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