Episode #294 Part Two-Rookie Creative Real Estate “All-Star” Team Building Break-Down & Details!

By | March 14, 2022

I would imagine you are here ready to listen to this podcast because you want to do less, and make more with Creative Real Estate. However, you keep hitting challenges and obstacles that, only sheer WILL, can break you through. If you are wondering how to “break” any frustration with getting people to work for you productively. Tired of hitting your ceiling of growth. Or, nothing seems to be working for you so you can realize the profit you need to have freedom with consistent cash flow to buy your life back. And are looking for a core strategy to build any ALL-STAR team as you increase income to pay for them. You are in the right place. This podcast will teach you how simple it is to be a leader, but not simplistic (by not making it simpler than it is). So you can start today doing less while you make more with cash flow from Creative Real Estate deals. In other words: We are going to help you get a “grip” on doing deals instead of the Creative Real Estate Business learning getting a “grip” on you … and choking you to death before you succeed!

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