Episode #30 How To Avoid Blind Spots & Pit Falls When Getting Started

By | January 2, 2017

One of the worse things that can happen when flipping houses is you can get involved in a bad deal and loose money, right? In this episode Bill & Pete go into detail on the different aspects of a deal so you can understand some of the stumbling blocks you will hit when flipping houses. Bill goes into decision making and how you can make the correct decisions and why you would make bad decisions; and how you can do the correct things (always). Once you understand some of these simple concepts you will become the professional home buyer you will need to be when buying houses. Then Bill went over some deal structuring so you can see how you can see the blind spots and pit falls. Then once you start making offers Bill explains how you need to go through the steps and how to persist through the process. About mid-way though the podcast Bill drops the bomb on how you can buy and sell real estate “risk free” which means you just can’t loose. He reveals how you can buy real estate for as little as $1 down, without risk! Once you get this formula there is no reason to NOT get started in this industry.

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