Episode #306 Pro vs Rookie In Creative Real Estate Exclusively! (part 2)

By | June 6, 2022

In podcast #305 we started a list of good habits or bad habits, plus traits that could either make you break you. We covered how most of us have two lives, the one we live, and the “unlived life” we only think about. Plus this second life, that never really gets played out, feeds us a lot of resistance, anxiety, failed purposes, unhappiness, and most often is the core depth of failure. Making these type of thoughts (and parts of your mind) toxic, and dangerous for success. So this continued list is how a pro does more right than wrong for his results. Plus, we matched it up against the rookie habits and traits, so you can see the contrast, and start making decisions of how you want your future to be. Every sun casts a shadow. And those shadows often deform your spirit of life, and stunts your ability, and you may not even know it. This second podcast is designed for you to figure out your shadows, and start getting in position to capture the sun. Once you do this, you will be amazed at what could happen?

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