Episode #330 How To Plan Your Creative Real Estate Activity To Suit You Comfortably!

By | November 21, 2022

TICK … TICK …. TICK … can’t find enough time to do real estate? Possibly this is the truth of why you haven’t found a real estate deal that would contribute to your MONEY NOW, MONEY MONTHLY, and MONEY LATER, so you can retire early? Perhaps make an extra $3K, $5K, $10K per month to do as you please with it? Even allow you to give to charity, spend time with family, take vacations, and never really worry about paying for it all, or how much time you spend doing your favorite thing on planet earth. Maybe you see this all as a dream, and not touchable, or, don’t believe: “How you can turn time into money?” Without a 9-5 JOB! But instead use less time to convert your knowledge, talent, even personality into money. Maybe there is something working against you, and don’t know it? Almost as if it were invisible. But 100% counter-intention that causes counter-production, and, as I said, you don’t even know it – YET!! Until you listen to this single podcast, you may NEVER know. Which means you may never fix it, and get everything you want out of life while working less!

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