Episode #341 How To Easily Remove Stress When Negotiating Gargantuan Real Estate Deals!

By | February 13, 2023

Do you have emotional strain when it comes to talking to, or negotiating with, real estate sellers to see if they are willing to do a Creative Transaction with you? Is it possible that this emotional tension is holding you back from becoming a multi-millionaire, or at least becoming financially free? Maybe you have a concern that your Seller is going to have more questions than you have answers for. And your self-confidence soars into the gutter. What if I told you that this fear paralyzes has an easy solution, and you now have the chance to overcome any and all mental, physical, and psychological stress when talking to real estate sellers to negotiate creative finance transactions. You and I both know, the only common denominator among the highly successful real estate entrepreneurs is the mind-set that nothing is more important than time spent directly interacting with prospect sellers. So let’s reveal today’s little secrets and get you comfortable doing this …

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