Podcast #228: Private Money Secrets, Rules, And Pitfalls Revealed & Unleashed!

By | November 23, 2020

Ever have the desire to create an army of private lenders who cling to you and your deals? Or, wonder how to find all the money you need to buy your creative real estate deals? Maybe you are stuck on the bank versus hard money, or private money? This podcast will not only explain all of this, but will start to form a mini-blue print in your mind on how you will NEVER have to worry about funding your creative real estate deals ever again; and stop being a money patsy. Learn what to say to these lenders, so they start chasing you, instead of you chasing them. Done this way you can get immediate results and crush it while making deals as they come your way. In this episode you will gain the psychological process lenders go through in their minds so when you are talking to them, it is almost like a hypnotic trance and irrefutable to turn your deal down – that is if you do it correctly. Let’s dig in and let me show you what I mean ….

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