Episode #181 How To Beat The “Bad News Blues” In Real Estate!

By | December 30, 2019

Getting bad news with your real estate deals can be dangerous to your career. But you can beat the “bad news blues” by following these tips outlined in this exclusive podcast. Much of your deals will fall upon the ears of not so motivated sellers that quite frankly can be rude, obnoxious, and down right threatening to your dreams and ego! And once this stress starts its like a huge of cards for most investors which results in changing successful actions that once brought confidence and affluence in the investors surroundings now leaves the investor feeling helplessness and often hopelessness that the deals we talk about on this podcast ( and so many others talk about) can’t be done! But if you have the right antidote for these seemingly ailments, you will soon welcome these “no’s” and ridicule because you will know how to turn them into profitable deals most investors haven’t learned to do. In this episode, we plan to cure this unnecessary disease in every investor!

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