Episode #182 Irrevocable New Years Goals Are For Losers!

By | January 6, 2020

Sound controversial? Hear me out. As a human you likely have certain tendencies. Chances are you have habits and habits are hard to break and can be stressful. Plus habits die hard. And in most cases, it is unavoidable to go against your natural human behaviors. Logically you could be telling yourself “enough is enough” We all do it. But emotionally you are human and like what you like, right? So when we make our goals they are usually following logic. But we soon find out that this system isn’t designed for humans because most of us aren’t wired this way. It’s like you imagining you can fly if you simply flapped your arms and the you get encouraged to jump off the nearest cliff. That’s right, just flap your arms and you will not only survive… but soar? If your goals don’t have a specific environment and designed for us humans, it’s like asking you to flap your arms harder and harder until you take off. This podcast is for humans who want real estate investing planning to be easy and workable. No flapping your arms or jumping off cliffs …

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