Episode #268 How To Get A Real Estate Deal This Week Easily!

By | September 13, 2021

Creative real estate is a tall promise for most, until they see the math in use. In fact, once you see all of the opportunities possible when being creative in your deals, it often paralyzes most with overwhelm. But today, I am going to clear that FOG with a simple plan that can and will get you a deal this week. My certainty on this comes from the many students before you who have followed this formula, and it worked just as I have explained. In fact, in many cases better than explained. The only reason the success is so high is because of the simplicity and the step-by-step format. Is it only natural, us humans learn in a gradient style that builds upon on each step as we do it. And in this episode I plan to go over the few steps you need to make and get a deal done, and that profit check in your spending little paws. Make sure you listen carefully, and take notes. You’re not going to want to miss anything …

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