Episode #287 Competition Is For Losers: How To Easily Stop Competing Using Creative Real Estate Deals!

By | January 24, 2022

If you actually approached Creative real Estate transactions with the attitude of the deal is all about giving, and not taking from Sellers, things would drastically shift in your ability to knock out all the competition, and get you WAY more deals. Truth is … your ability to succeed is absolutely based on the quality of the people in your life, which tells me, freedom then is measured by your ability to connect and develop relationships with the correct people to do real estate transactions with. Once you get done working with us in this one podcast, you should walk away knowing how to generate high profit deals before anyone knows about the opportunity ever existed. Plus, how to avoid the deal “time vampires” that are just sucking you dry, only wanting “what’s in it for them,” not giving two-shyts about you, or your buyer. Learn how to make the pie bigger for everyone involved, all while making bigger profits, and more deals, and having the reputation of being super generous, and completely committed to being a giver that gets results!

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