Episode #288 Why Most Creative Real Estate Entrepreneurs Aren’t Happy!

By | January 31, 2022

How far will you go with this real estate thing? What exactly are you using for a measuring stick? You’ve already decided that real estate will make you “happy.” You’ve truly fathomed the power of being a successful Creative Real Estate Entrepreneur, but almost immediately you got a bit overwhelmed from so many choices to make, and it humbled you. But you keep going … sometimes for years! So how do you actually measure your pursuit of happiness in real estate (or anywhere else for that fact)? Here is a real eye-opener … a recent poll found that only about 14 percent of all American adults say they are very happy. Why is this? Or, how can you change it effortlessly. And embracing everything life feeds you on a daily basis? In this single podcast, we plan to part the skies and shed some needed light on how you can gain total happiness, especially in your real estate career. In fact, we will show you when you are chasing happiness, where to look, and if you don’t know these simple rules, I would venture to say, you may never “find” true happiness!

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