Episode #289 Why Such A Small % Of Creative Real Estate Rookies Truly Experience Guaranteed Profitable Deals!

By | February 7, 2022

Seems as though there is some rumor floating around in the creative real estate industry that “cash-floo” and guaranteed profitable transactions are hard to do, or hard to find in the current economy. In a prefect world, where most of us dream to be … you would do the right things, and our Seller’s & buyers would be willing to do creative deals with us; even be nice about it, while figuring out the whole dream of finding Golden Geese that lay Golden Eggs which produce Money Now, Money Monthly, and Money Later would be fair. We drink the Kool-Aid on this life-style … then there’s the nightmares of flawed Seller’s, fighting to get ALL cash, just thinking about them, not you! Now you are surrounded by this dream of getting “cash-floo” and profitable deals on one side, and these unreasonable Seller “asks” on the other side. Leaving you to believe there has to be some reality in the middle, but you aren’t sure? Fortuneatley today we are going to show you how this was actually a solution for this discovered in 1937, and how you can use this information to find your Golden Geese, and Flourish & Prosper nicely!

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