Episode #323: DNA Every Millionaire Creative Real Estate Entrepreneur Has To Succeed!

By | October 3, 2022

Forget theoretical advice. What you need to know has to come from experience. If you are looking to author your own story of going from rags to riches, then this podcast is perfect for you. How do you go from very little to earning hug amounts in the dog-eat-dog real estate world with as little ups & downs, or hard knocks as possible. What are the secret formulas that always seem to be just outside of your arm’s length? How do you start dreaming about making tons of income in real estate, to actually making deposits in your bank account regularly? How do millionaire creative real estate entrepreneurs actually do it? Even better, what do they think about, or learn that most don’t know? In this powerful podcast, I plan to disclose some unheard of mental tools you should know and practice to get into the tax bracket most don’t even know exists, until you start carrying your money in dump trucks, you may not know this tax bracket. Strap in, this rocket ride is going to be the most surprising thing you’ve heard in a while.

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