Episode #324 Why Creative Real Estate Rookies Are Failing At Getting Deals!

By | October 10, 2022

Ever wonder why you hear people like Pete and I talk about all our deals, and you can’t seem to get off the ground with one, or a few deals constantly? Suppose we could show you some simple, basic skills we use with sellers that sell to us. Even more important, what if not making deals is not your fault? What if there (until now) was a HUGE gap in creative real estate that was holding you down, even working against you, causing great and uncomfortable lack of success! Here’s another little thought: What if you listened to this podcast, realized what you can change today, and do a deal next week. Think that would be worth your 60-minutes today going through this obvious hidden secret. Think about it … just like a car is built piece by piece, a mechanic can take it apart piece by piece once he knew how the car was originally built. Today we are going to put a magnifying glass on you and the process so it is so simple you can get a 4th grader to do it with you. Now listen up … things are going to get real very quickly today!

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