Episode #326 The Top 20-Excuses Real Estate Rookies Use To Not Take Action – And How To Fix It!

By | October 24, 2022

OVERTHINKERS! So many books have been written about “purpose,” and “why” you want something. But today we plan to shatter this very wide-spread myth. Life is about execution rather than purpose. Actually, purpose comes from your results, not what you imagine. Without action, you will never get anywhere. Maybe taking action is so hard because there isn’t a guide? Maybe, by now, you are thinking: “We already know we need to take action, so why talk about it?” Well, did you ever consider information isn’t what is scarce, but the willingness to do something with it? Which is what the next 60-minutes are all about in this podcast. Google can give you the information, and depression, but maybe you need to err on the side of action? And why action beats the odds, and makes you humble enough in Creative real Estate to become a millionaire, and retire early. Listen to these top 20 excuses, and maybe, just maybe you will get off your fragile butt, and get going!

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