Episode #325 For Creative Real Estate Rookies Who Want To Learn Profitable Deal Structuring Easily!

By | October 17, 2022

Is it possible that a Rookie can survive in today’s turbulent Creative Real Estate world (old) but very common methods of structuring lease options, subject to’s, and seller financing deals that sellers love. Of course, to succeed in these transactions, you must be creative. Which is why today I thought we should talk about some of our recent deals, so our listeners can hear how simple it could be when acquiring properties in these uncomplicated but imaginative ways. While our listeners hear these deal structures today, they will hopefully start to realize how they can easily purchase properties using less of their own money, and allows each to secure more deals. By listening to us today, I expect you can add a few tools in your creative real estate tool belt. And, why a flexible seller often prefers these type of transactions, then a plain ole cash offer. The good news is … since COVID, creative real estate has gone main stream, and more and more sellers understand us. And like our offers. So, get comfortable, and listen to our stories, and learn from them.

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